Ant Gibson


I got into Aerobics over 10 years ago through the night classes at Thames High School.  I was interested to see why people kept raving about the classes so much, so decided to give it a go.  Before long, I wanted to try instructing.  And so my involvement in TCA Community Aerobics began.


The Gym was a natural progression from there.  I've always enjoyed the discipline of a gym workout, and the self-confidence it provides.  I figured that we had the energy and know-how to take this thing further, and TCA Your Gym is something I'm immensely proud to be a part of.  I couldn't hope to work with a better bunch of enthusiastic people - sometimes things just work out that way.


One last thing.  Energy is what enjoyment of group training classes is all about.  You'll always be asked to contribute to that energy when you're in one of my classes.  The music, the moves, and the people - there is nothing better.


See you at TCA soon.




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