Fight the good fight. This class is a high-energy motivating workout, designed to get you fit and strong. You'll learn how to stand your ground against your shadow opponent.  We'll train your whole body as we build resistance, develop endurance, and make you sweat.


And we do it as a team.


Get ready to move, get ready to punch out & kick through your frustrations, and share the energy with us as we fight the good fight to a killer soundtrack.


We introduce options for low and high intensity, so this class is for everyone.


Bring a towel and bottle of water, and wear comfortable workout clothing.  Sports shoes are highly recommended (we discourage bare feet).  Socks-only is not permitted.




TCA Fitness Club members FREE; Casuals $10

Concession Cards are available, covering all TCA classes - 10 classes for $80

No bookings required


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