Welcome to the Tone Zone. As unassuming as it is, a Kettlebell's simplicity points to its success.  This is weight training in a form that allows you the freedom of movement to functionally train and tone your body.  The best thing is that there's no annoying changing of weightplates and fiddling with twist locks - just pick up a heavier or lighter kettlebell and get underway again.


TCA Kettlebell Pump is resistance training set to music.  It is designed to deliver you a full-body workout, and suits both men and women.  Tone, sculpt, or build muscle - the choice is yours.  We use a variety of weights to target a variety of muscle groups, some in isolation, and some in concert.  This functional free-weight movement helps to develop the body's core strength, as you will be required to recruit a number of stabilising muscles during most of the movements.


TCA Kettlebell Pump can be likened to other group fitness classes that utilise weights, but Kettlebells typically allow more freedom (due to their shape, compact form, configuration, and ease of handling), allowing for a greater range of movement, and the potential to target a greater range of muscle groups.  Due to Kettlebell Pump being a resistance program, the techniques deployed promote muscle toning and fat burning.


This is your exciting and challenging workout.


Bring a towel and bottle of water, and wear comfortable workout clothing.  Sports shoes are highly recommended (we discourage bare feet).  Socks-only is not permitted.




TCA Fitness Club members FREE; Casuals $10

Concession Cards are available, covering all TCA classes - 10 classes for $80

No bookings required


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